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 A Sleep Podcast for You

Welcome. Can't sleep? Me either. Let's address that. Listen to a podcast of relaxing lists. Explore resources. Get some merch (eventually). Or hang out and read the blog. Together we will figure out how to get you the rest you need. Especially if quieting your mind to let you sleep is your biggest challenge. 


Helen wearing multi colored cat eye matallic glasses facing a microphone common for a podcast set up. She has short brown hair and is wearing a redish shirt there is a window behind her and sunshine streaming in across her face.

I started Sleep Lists because I couldn't find the podcast I wanted to fall asleep to when I was struggling with anxiety, depression, burnout and general restlessness around bedtime. I hope you find your way to restful sleep soon.


Please browse around and contact me if you have questions, episode suggestions, or other ideas for me.

Helen Sernett

Listing you to sleep one category at a time. 



New episodes and blog
posts - regularly.

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