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When I come across interesting news or useful tips about sleep, I will post them here in the hopes that it can be of help to the general Sleep Lists Community, i.e. Sleep Listers like you!

External Links

This is a link to The Lancet, a medical journal. It gives some overview and background information on sleep. From there you can access the scholarly article  through institutions you may already belong to.

Barbara is the first person in the sleep space that I met who felt like home to me. She has years of experience helping people relax and rest and she has the heart and soul of a teacher. She is kind and generous and as a bonus she hails from Seattle like me. Please explore her website to learn more ways you can help yourself get the rest you need. 

The NSF is a US based organization. There website has a plethora of information about sleep hygiene and wellness. There data is well researched and vetted and the website has several easy access points for anyone interested to learn more about sleep health. 

A sleep education resource for patients from the AASM. Some of the stuff is obvious yet hard to do, but it is worth reviewing the list of tips to see if any of them may help you.

I created a resource guide with some links and information about dealing with your phone as it relates to sleep, especially falling to sleep. My anxiety and depression have driven me to spend a lot of time on my phone doom scrolling rather than getting the sleep I really needed. Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you a little. 

No matter how you feel about government experts and general medical information, this Sleep Diary idea isn't a bad one if you are waiting for an appointment with a professional or just looking for trends you can spot in your own actions. 

Johann is a sleep coach who hails from Ireland and though we are oceans apart physically she and I are on the same page when it comes to the value and importance of sleep. She is a sleep expert and offers a free download on her page with some wonderful support for anyone struggling to get sleep. 

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