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Snoozing Through the First Season: A Love Letter to My Sleeplisters

Hey there, my fellow info nerds and weary minds! Helen Sernett here, your trusty guide through the soothing world of Sleep Lists. Can you believe it? We've reached the end of our first season, and oh, what a journey it's been! As I sit here, sipping my chamomile tea and reflecting on the past six episodes, I can't help but feel a warm glow of gratitude for all my incredible Sleeplisters who've embarked on this sleepy adventure with me.

When I started Sleep Lists, I had one mission in mind: to create a haven for those of us who struggle to drift off into dreamland. You see, I'm just like you, my dear listeners. A info loving gal at heart, with a mind that tends to race when it should be winding down. Anxiety, depression, burnout—we've all faced our fair share of sleep-stealing challenges. But fret not, my fellow Sleeplisters, for we've found solace in the sweet recitations of Sleep Lists.

Together, we've journeyed through lists of numbers, states and their capitals, US presidents and their vice presidents, the first 150 Pokemon, elements of the periodic table, and even countries around the world. We've laughed (well maybe that's just me), we've learned, and most importantly, I hope we've found some moments of peace within the soothing recitations of Sleep Lists. It's been a delightful escape from the chaos of our lives, a sanctuary where knowledge and relaxation intertwine.

But my dear Sleeplisters, our journey is far from over! I'm excited to announce that the next season of Sleep Lists is already in the works. We'll dive into new categories, unraveling more fascinating lists to whisk you away into dreamland. So, stay tuned, because soon we'll reunite for another season filled with tranquility, soothing facts, and the promise of restful nights.

But before we part ways, let's take a moment to celebrate what we've accomplished together. You, my amazing Sleeplisters, are the heart and soul of this podcast. I'm grateful for each and every one of you who have joined me on this sleepy adventure. So, here's to us, the ones who find comfort in numbers and knowledge, and who refuse to let restless nights define us.

Remember, my dear Sleeplisters, even in the darkest of nights, there's always a glimmer of hope. So, let's embrace the future with open hearts and open minds, for Sleep Lists will be here, whispering you into sweet slumber, one list at a time.

Until we meet again, my sleepy friends, take comfort in the six episodes of Sleep Lists from season one of my unique sleep podcast. Stay curious, stay cozy, and most importantly, stay tuned for the next season of Sleep Lists—a dreamy journey awaits us!

With love and recitations of calming lists for goodnights,


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