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A Feast of Floral Flavors!

Welcome back to the Sleep Lists blog! We're thrilled to wrap up Season 3 with a topic close to our hearts – edible flowers. If you haven't tuned into the podcast yet, you can find the soothing episode "Pillow Petals: Crafting Sweet Dreams with Edible Blossoms" here.


Behind the Scenes: Researching Edible Flowers: Creating this episode involved a deep dive into the world of edible flowers. To ensure accuracy, we scoured the internet for information, cross-referencing names with trusted sources. The goal was to curate a list that not only promotes relaxation but also guarantees the safety of our listeners. The result is a lullaby of botanical delights, each flower carefully chosen to whisk you away into dreamland.


Childhood inspiration: As we bid farewell to Season 3, we couldn't think of a more fitting topic than edible flowers. The inspiration behind this choice stems from cherished memories of a kitchen garden. In my childhood, my mother cultivated a vast array of herbs and flowers, ensuring everything served a purpose in the kitchen. A trip to the garden for fresh clippings or vibrant nasturtiums was a daily delight. Salads adorned with dainty edible flowers were a staple, infusing every meal with the magic of our homegrown harvest. While city living has limited my gardening opportunities, I keep a few herbs on my balcony, bringing a touch of that childhood freshness to our family dinners.


Calming Plants

A lot of people find flowers and plants really calming. The act of caring for them, harvesting them if they are culinary or medicinal plants, and even talking to them can really help reduce stress. Most of the teas I drink are a blend of various flowers and herbs. One of my daughter’s all-time favorite teas is a fresh hot cup of chrysanthemum tea with a large scoop of honey and few drops of lemon juice. I think we have all heard that lavender tea or chamomile are both good for helping calm the nerves and provide a restful sleep. So if you have the time and the incline, make yourself some tea with edible flowers and enjoy the relaxing salve to your heart that herbal teas can bring.


We invite you to explore the gentle world of edible flowers in our latest episode, "Pillow Petals." Let the calming symphony of botanical wonders lull you into sweet dreams. Thank you for joining us on this culinary journey through dreamland. Click. Listen. Sleep.

Listen to the episode now.

Until next season, good night, sweet dreams, and wake rested!


Signing off with lots of love,


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