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Paws to Unwind: Navigating the Canine Dreamland

For many of us who sleep with pets, it can be hard to sleep without the soft pant and the gentle rustling of fur as you drift into the world of dreams. Welcome to "Paws to Unwind," the latest episode of Sleep Lists, where we are emBARKing together on a whimsical journey through over 300 different dog breeds. I want to take you behind the scenes, into the heart of my research, and the inspiration behind this fur-filled escapade. The Quest for the Perfect List: Ah, the American Kennel Club — my first stop on the journey. While they boast a respectable list of 200 breeds, my podcast dreams needed a bit more variety. Enter The World Dog Federation, where breed categories are as diverse as a pup's personality. "Pet Dogs," anyone? And a nod to the elegant Greyhounds, who have a category all to themselves.

The Challenge of Curating 350 Breeds: Curating this list was no walk in the dog park - OK it was a little bit of a walk in the dog park. I had criteria — from the iconic to the less-known, each breed needed its moment on the Sleep List. The Federation's unique categories added a delightful twist. Primitive Breeds, you say? Yes, please. Station dogs, excited to learn more. "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie": A Cultural Exploration: "Let sleeping dogs lie" — an expression that feels like a stern warning. And guess what? Other languages have their canine-inspired wisdom too. Dogs truly speak a universal language. But I like our expression the best - in part because it's so familiar. I just like the thoughtful of nature of it, no one likes being woken up from a peaceful slumber and dogs can get a little unpredictable in that state - I mean we all can really!

Crafting the Episode: From Research to Recording: The research journey became the backbone of the episode. A solid list of furry canine friends ready to hold me up and help you get a good night's sleep. I started recording and it was almost like I could hear little canine snores around my feet. So, here we are, ready to hit play and let the doggy dreams begin. "Paws to Unwind" is really just a list of breeds. I guess it's also a celebration of the diversity and charm of our four-legged companions. I hope you will join me in this bedtime listen — it's bound to be a joyfully relaxing good time.

Signing off with lots of love,


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